When developing a new AD facility, a fundamental consideration is identifying a location and gaining planning permission.

It is probable that funders will also want to see that your planning process is either well advanced or complete prior to financial close. An important part of this involves working with local authorities and engaging with your community to generate long-lasting business relationships. Our professional partners are experts in AD planning applications, and together we know what is needed to deliver your results.

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Planning for New Facilities

  • Initial site identification includes consideration of utility and heat networks, feedstock supplies, digestate management and impact on your local community. Our team can lead you through this process and engage with the key stakeholders on your behalf. This includes liaison with your local planning authority.
  • Next, we will work closely with you and your team to organise all the required planning documentation before submitting your application.
  • Following this, we will progress your application all the way through to approval.

Planning that Involves Existing AD Facilities

  • Ensuring your planning permissions are up to date for any structures that have changed or are changing.
  • Reviewing the opportunity to remove restrictions and planning conditions that are affecting your facility’s output.

Community Engagement

It is becoming increasingly important that AD facilities are active community assets, and that the local circular economy is leveraged.

Throughout your AD plant’s life, we will work in dialogue with the public, your suppliers and other key stakeholders to understand their viewpoints and share the latest updates about environmental and carbon benefits. This has been proven to generate positive working relationships with the local community.

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