In partnership with Green Biofuels
and New Era Fuels

Site: Gorst Energy Limited
Location:  Clyst St Mary, Exeter

What Our Client Needed

Gorst Energy Ltd’s anaerobic digester produces green energy from biogas. The energy it produces is sufficient to heat 4,600 of Exeter’s homes with gas and power and 2,300 of Exeter’s homes with electricity.

Whilst we are a significant producer of low carbon energy, we are continually seeking the next step towards our Net Zero goal. We have been reviewing the use of mineral diesel in our loading shovels which feed the digester, with options including electricity, green gas, or green diesel.

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The Green D+ HVO

After reviewing technologies available, both electric and gas loading shovels were discounted as machines with sufficient capacity for our needs are not yet available. Once we realised Green D+ HVO was available the switch became amazingly simple – we could retain our current machine and simply switch to a green fuel. The reduction in particulates and NOx from Green D + HVO was also a key benefit – both for our staff and local residents.

Benefits of using Green D+ HVO

  • NOx reduction of up to 30%
  • Particulates reduction up to 85%
  • CO2e reduction of 90%
  • No capital cost to change machine to use Green D+ HVO
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We congratulate Gorst Energy for reducing emissions by using Green D+ HVO.  Businesses that make the right choices for our environment should take great credit for matching their words with actions.  Their contribution to improving air quality and reducing CO2e is important, and it is being having an effect today. We look forward to working with Gorst Energy to help demonstrate just how easy it is to make the right choice, to make a difference today.”

Magnus Hammick, COO, Green Biofuels

“New Era Fuels are proud national distributors of Green D+ HVO and are excited to be working with Gorst Energy supporting their commitment to reducing CO2e and improving local air quality stepping towards a Net Zero goal. Businesses committing to become Green as Gorst Energy can receive Green D+ in various pack sizes including Bulk, 200L Barrels, 1000 Litre IBC’s and our revolutionary 20L Fuelboxes.”

James Hunt, Managing Director, New Era Fuels