Client Information

Barbers Farmhouse

Client: Barber’s Farmhouse
Site: Frogmary Green
Location: Ditcheat, Shepton Mallet, Somerset

About Your Business

Ixora Energy Ltd owns and operates 7 anaerobic digestion plants throughout the UK and also consults in operations of other plants overseas.

The plants use a combination of products and lactose-permeate from industry and agriculture to generate green gas, supplemented with sustainably grown crops.

Ixora has developed long term relationships with its key feedstock suppliers to provide an economic outlet for their produce and lactose permeate, allowing both businesses to prosper from their close working relationship.

One such supplier is Barber’s Farmhouse Cheese, who have been supplying lactose permeate, a by-product from cheese production, for the past 5 years.

Challenge Faced

Barber’s needed a consistent outlet to ensure production of cheese can be maintained, as they were previously having to send lactose many miles away. Ixora’s sites are local to Barber’s factory, considerably reducing their food miles.

Alongside this, Ixora needed a feedstock to balance their high chicken litter diets and preferred to use an existing by-product rather than grow more crops.

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“Working with Ixora Energy has been invaluable for us. Not only has our collaboration ensured that our lactose-permeate is being sustainably treated, but the close proximity of Ixora’s AD plant has allowed us to decrease our food miles significantly. The Ixora team are consistent and reliable, and we thoroughly enjoy working with them.”

Barbers FarmhouseAllan Walker, Barber's Farmhouse


In the past year, Barber’s lactose has generated enough green gas to heat over 1,300 UK homes. By displacing natural gas in the grid, this green gas has saved over 2,400 tonnes of CO2 in the past year alone. The digesters also enjoy the lactose – the bugs get very excited when it arrives.

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