One of the many positive aspects of anaerobic digestion (AD) is the close relationship it enables you to have with local farmers and the local community.

Our Sustainable Energy Generation (SEG) biogas plant in Somerset shares a home with a local community farm; Frogmary Green Farm. Frogmary Green is an amazing place for the local community to spend their free time, as well as acting as a beautiful wedding venue. Plus, it boasts a café that serves delicious and local produce, and sells wonderful bouquets of wild flowers.

One of our favourite parts of Frogmary Green’s well-rounded offering is their SHED; a forest school style learning environment for young people from local schools. It allows year groups to learn more about science, geography, art and nature all within a real-life setting.

Many of the young people who take part in the SHED’s school holiday club will continue to make regular visits to our Sustainable Energy Generation plant. During their visits, they will learn about renewable energy, the benefits of anaerobic digestion, and how it powers homes and businesses in the local community.

Engaging young people in sustainability is vital in the fight against climate change. Educating them on the importance of carbon capture and reducing greenhouse emissions will ensure a new generation of environmentally-conscious individuals. After all, they will be the ones who will face the worst effects.

To find out more about how anaerobic digestion helps in the fight against climate change, head to our net zero and circular economy pages. Click here to download our free resource about “Why AD is crucial in a net zero world”.