Ixora Energy is looking to develop an agricultural anaerobic digestion facility at land off Nottingham Lane, Old Dalby 

In liaison with the local farming community this is the first of a two stage consultation process on our proposals to develop an agricultural anaerobic digestion facility on land off Nottingham Lane, Old Dalby. We are still developing our proposals and as this will be a local scheme we value your input and would like to hear your views.  

Everyday farming practices produce natural resources in the form of manures, crop residues, rotation crops and non-food crops, that can be harnessed to generate renewable energy. Such agricultural feedstocks can be broken down in a process called anaerobic digestion to produce renewable gas and biofertiliser. The biofertiliser is organic and rich in nutrients, which is good for soil structure and crop growth, it reduces a farms reliance on inorganic fertilisers, which can be expensive, carbon intensive to produce and sometimes in short supply. 

All feedstocks will be sourced from local farms, which will provide them with security of income. They will also benefit from the local supply of biofertilser that they have helped to produce from their own feedstocks. In turn, the amount of the renewable gas that will be generated for use in the wider community will be enough to power approximately 5,200 homes.  

Once we have developed our plans further we intend to submit a planning application to Melton Borough Council. We will hold another consultation event to discuss these details with you prior to the application being submitted. 

The site

We are planning the facility on an area of land within Vale View Farm to the west of Nottingham Lane about equal distance between Station Road and Six Hills Lane. Land immediately bordering the site  is largely agricultural with few homes in close proximity. Farm buildings associated with Vale View Farm front Nottingham Lane, as well as the farm’s equestrian centre. The site itself will be positioned about 0.5km from the lane behind these buildings and other farm structures.

As well as specific site characteristics  the location has been chosen for several other reasons, including its proximity to the national gas grid network and the availability of local agricultural feedstock, coupled with a need for managing agricultural wastes that are currently spread to land. There is also enough land to allow for mitigation to ensure residents, businesses and other local receptors will not be detrimentally impacted and biodiversity net gain can be achieved.

Supporting a sustainable rural economy  

How this plant will contribute to the community

With plants operating across the South West of the UK, we’ve powered numerous homes and supported farmers to use sustainable practices. These are our aims for our plant at Nottingham Lane:

Providing the equivalent renewable gas to power approximately 5,200 homes locally

Providing a sustainable and consistent income for local farmers.

Providing educational visits for local schools and community groups 

Contributing to the circular economy, using feedstock from local farmers to power the community.

Have your say

Thank you to those who attended the first consultation event on 16 July at Old Dalby Village Hall, Old Dalby, Melton Mowbray, LE14 3LR. Your feedback is invaluable, we are reviewing this, and taking on board any comments/suggestions.

Click here to view the consultation leaflet and here to view more information.

This web page will be updated with all the latest news about this project, please check back for further details.

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