Our partner farmer, Nick Bragg from Frogmary Green Farm, is taking part in a fantastic challenge to raise money for our local community. This intense, 7 day challenge requires Nick, and his brave accomplices, to travel the equivalent of a full marathon each day (half cycling and half running). All money raised will be donated to the South Petherton C of E Infant School and the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance.


This isn’t Nick’s first challenge. Back in 2018, Nick took part in several triathlons to raise money for The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution. Then, in 2019, he travelled 3000 miles across Canada on his bicycle, raising a massive 30k in 30 days! Challenges like these are right up Nick’s street.

Like many, the pandemic has made Nick realise the importance of supporting our local community even more than before.  Plus, Nick himself was involved in a serious accident which required emergency care – fast. The responsive ambulance service ensured that Nick was taken to safety just in time.

Nick’s 7 Day Challenge

Nick’s challenge begun last weekend, on Saturday 19th June, and ends on Friday 25th June. On each day, Nick will be travelling 26.2 miles around the South West – so keep your eye out for him!

His aim at the start of the challenge was to raise £1,000 for Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance and South Petherton C of E infant school. Astoundingly, he has already surpassed this figure, and is well on his way to doubling it! Please support Nick and the local community we know and love here.

When we asked Nick about how he remained excited and determined to travel great distances each day, he explained that “Knowing I can give something back to our local community is filling me with motivation!”.

South Petherton C of E Infant School

Frogmary Green have a wonderful relationship with the South Petherton C of E Infant School. Due to the UK’s COVID restrictions, the infant school had to put a cap on their student population. Frogmary Green recognised the need for additional space and learning environments to support the pupils at South Petherton C of E Infant School. The result: their SHED is now the permanent residence of their Year One cohort. Many of the other year groups have attended their forest school too, learning more about science, geography, art and nature!

Nick’s challenge provides us with an opportunity to support the school further by donating funds to continue our positive impact and promote the importance of education for young people. To learn more about this wonderful school, click here.

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance provides a crucial service, saving hundreds of lives like Nick’s each year. In order to run effectively, the Air Ambulance requires donations. An average mission costs around £3,000. Their amazing work, and Nick’s personal experience with their team, makes them the perfect receivers of this fundraising. Read more about how Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance are helping our community stay safe here.