Darren Stockley
Operations Managing Director

Darren joined Ixora during its early development to ensure that the team was well focused on delivery of the construction, commissioning and operation of its SPV facilities.

He has 19 years’ experience in renewable energy and waste management and his career focus has been in business turnaround; increasing productivity and profitability and managing sustained business growth.

Darren is extremely experienced in getting projects to financial close, working with funders and creating contracts with suppliers.

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Mark Voss
Operations Director

Mark got involved in AD during 2010, becoming one of the early innovators within the UK’s AD sector. He manages all aspects of the operations, health & safety, and environmental compliance for Ixora’s facilities by coordinating Site Managers and local operations teams.

Mark made the transition to renewables from being a leading farm business/nutrition consultant. His expert knowledge of farm nutrition was identified as a key transferable skill in the management of feedstock and diet within the AD sector.

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Charles Kane
Sustainability Director

Charles is based in Cork and manages all aspects of provision of feedstock (+250k t.p.a) and digestate across Ixora’s facilities, including full negotiation and implementation of contracts with suppliers.

Charles has strong experience in large scale agricultural and blue-chip logistics. He is also the company interface with UK energy regulator Ofgem and has successfully achieved accreditation for 48 RHI and FiT accounts, each of which he manages on an ongoing basis.

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