It’s no secret that artificial fertilisers are bad for the environment. Manufacturing them creates huge amounts of carbon dioxide, the gas which is steadily warming our planet and which governments have pledged to cut.  Currently, the global farming industry relies on huge quantities of artificial fertilisers, with the UK alone importing around £1billion of it each year.

At Ixora Energy, we are doing our bit to cut this down. For starters, the by-product of our energy is nutrient-rich natural organic fertiliser – and local farmers using it on their fields say it is yielding better and healthier crops than those grown with artificial fertilisers.

The current state of play

Much of the artificial fertiliser used in the UK and elsewhere has so far come from Russia, and its price is rocketing both because of this and also the global rise in energy prices. When fertiliser costs rise, costs are pushed up for farmers and, ultimately, the food we all buy. Between January and early March this year, many types of artificial fertiliser more than doubled in price, and further price rises look inevitable.

Encouraging alternatives to artificial fertilisers

By contrast, the digestate that is left over when we turn food and other organic waste into energy makes fabulous natural nutrient-rich fertiliser for local farmers, and its supply is not going to be hit by global politics.

Exeter farmer and long-standing user of our natural fertiliser, Troy Stuart, says that the benefits of digestate compared to artificial fertiliser are huge (see the full interview here): “Digestate is not only an excellent replacement for artificial fertiliser, the organic matter, microbial activity and trace elements it contains actually enhance plant and soil health to a far greater extent than artificial fertiliser. Important crops like wheat always look well and healthy after digestate has been applied. Using digestate instead of artificial fertiliser also really helps us control our growing costs at a time when all input costs are rising steeply. On top of all of this, using digestate instead of artificial fertiliser helps us move food production ever closer to net zero. It really ticks all the boxes!”

Clearly, this is good for the environment, particularly because creating artificial fertiliser and importing it involves huge amounts of costly and environmentally-damaging energy – all of which is avoided when farmers use our digestate.

People outside the farming industry are often surprised to learn just how sophisticated the application of this fertiliser is, with the amount being applied to crops being specifically adjusted to reflect the nutrient-content of the digestate and the requirements of the specific crop.  This means every drop is used to bring the maximum benefit through preventing the over- and under- application of fertiliser.

Darren Stockley, the Managing Director of Ixora Energy, says; “Our digestate fertiliser uses all the organic material left over once our friendly bacteria have finished turning waste into energy. It’s packed with natural nutrients, and local farmers are finding it produces better crops than the expensive artificial alternatives.” 

At this difficult time when energy prices are rocketing, imports from Russia are beyond-the-pale for many, and Britain needs to increasingly rely on its own resources – Ixora is helping local farmers with a growing supply of environmentally-friendly, locally produced and superior quality fertiliser.

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