Ixora Energy, an ENGIE company, was honoured to participate in a pivotal roundtable discussion this week, focusing on advancing the green energy agenda in the South West region. Curated by South West Business Insider and hosted by Browne Jacobson, the event brought together a diverse array of green and sustainable businesses in the area.

The discussion centred around the region’s role in Europe’s largest electric battery gigafactory, set to be a cornerstone in the UK’s ambitious transition to green energy. With projects like Hinkley Point C and offshore wind initiatives, the South West is poised to lead the nation’s energy mandate.

Darren Stockley, Managing Director for Ixora Energy, remarked, “This gathering underscores the importance of collaboration among stakeholders to drive the green energy agenda forward. It’s crucial that both private and public sector entities work together to overcome hurdles and maximise the region’s potential.”

Key topics explored included stakeholder collaboration, the role of local businesses in large-scale infrastructure projects, workforce skilling for the green energy transition, and inward investment requirements.

Chris Ward, Editor of South West Business Insider, expressed gratitude to all participants, emphasising the value gained from the insightful discussions and diverse viewpoints. He highlighted the importance of events like this in fostering collaboration and driving innovation in the region’s green energy sector.

Ixora Energy remains committed to contributing to the South West’s green energy revolution and looks forward to future collaborations aimed at advancing sustainability and driving positive change in the region.