Hello and welcome to Gorst Energy – we’ve been providing renewable gas and electricity to Exeter since 2015.

Our Background

We’re an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facility located on the outskirts of Exeter in Clyst St Mary. We process energy crops, agricultural waste and animal manures to produce biogas which is used to generate renewable electricity or gas. This renewable energy is injected into the gas and electricity grid.

This plant utilises pig manure and sustainable crops supplied by local farmers as its primary feedstock. Using high quality AD technology, the feedstock is broken down to produce biogas and digestate. The digestate is high in nutrients and is a good replacement for artificial fertilisers. This is used on the land that supplies crops to the AD plant and greatly helps the farmers to reduce their greenhouse gasses and carbon footprint.

Gorst is essential in Exeter and East Devon’s journey towards a more local circular economy. We provide a sustainable solution that supports Exeter and East Devon’s local businesses and powers our communities.

How we are helping Exeter and East Devon

Gorst Energy currently provides enough renewable gas to power 2,389 homes and renewable electricity to power 934 homes. This makes us one of the biggest renewable energy generators in the city of Exeter, something we are very proud of.


Number of Exeter and East Devon homes powered by our gas this year


Investment in the local economy per year (£)


Number of Exeter and East Devon homes powered by our electricity this year