Gorst Energy were delighted to welcome East Devon MP, Simon Jupp.

Simon was provided with a tour by Gorst Energy’s Managing Director, Darren Stockley, who shared with him in detail the process of anaerobic digestion and the benefits it brings to the local East Devon community and the city of Exeter.

Simon commented: “It was great to learn more about anaerobic digestion and how this technology is helping to generate renewable gas and electricity for thousands of homes in East Devon and Exeter.

The site also produces an organic fertiliser which is used on all of the land that supplies Gorst Energy, helping local farmers to significantly reduce greenhouse gases. It’s encouraging to know that technology like this will help achieve our environmental targets..”

Gorst Energy is proud to be able to play a significant role in supplying Exeter and East Devon with renewable energy and welcomes members of the local community to attend the plant to learn more about the technology.

If you are interested in visiting the site and taking part in a tour please email us at Zoe@ixoraenergy.co.uk.