In September 2021, Gorst Energy – our Anaerobic Digestion facility located in Clyst St Mary, near Exeter – submitted a planning application to the Local Planning Authority (reference PP-10160750) which sought to increase the tonnage and variety of feedstocks we are able to process. The aim is to increase the renewable gas and electricity generation which is provided to the local network serving Exeter and East Devon.

Since its submission, we have been hosting plant tours which have been attended by people from the local community, Councillors, the Environment Agency and Council Officers.

During this process, we have been carefully listening to feedback and advice, of which we are now acting upon. As a result of this advice and, in particular, the recommendation of the Local Planning Authority, we are temporarily withdrawing the planning application.

The application will shortly be resubmitted and will include a commitment to include a number of noise management installations as part of the planning process.

An independent noise management expert has recently undertaken a full survey of the site and the surrounding area and is producing a comprehensive list of sound reduction recommendations.

These will be included in the revised application, which we hope to resubmit imminently.

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