The Somerset Levels and Moors comprises a unique, man-made wetland landscape of international importance. Local conservationists are working tirelessly to preserve the area’s biodiversity, including taking action to reduce phosphate levels throughout the watercourses. As all of the crops for our Sustainable Energy Generation (SEG) digester are grown within this drainage catchment, we take water quality there especially seriously.

Part of this involves establishing field margins as a mitigation strategy for phosphate pollution. That’s why we’ve been working closely with Frogmary Green Farm over the past five years, establishing flower rich field margins to protect watercourses that drain onto the levels.

Our crops are grown as part of a rotation, including vegetables that are ready for human consumption. So, when we plant flower meadow margins, they benefit other crops as well; soaking up soil nutrients to help maintain river water quality.

These photos are from last summer and we’re currently establishing more flower meadow margins as spring crops are planted – we’re now waiting for the blooms to arrive.