Creating a consistent and cost-effective supply of feedstock is a proven way to generate additional income streams for your business.

Working alongside our experienced team to identify and manage the logistics of your feedstock and digestate will make this process far easier. Our services range from finding the most suitable feedstocks, through to the contracting process and on to the day-to-day management.

We can help you along this process by:

  • Maximising gas output: identifying the best feedstock to deliver maximum biogas from each tonne.
  • Maintaining sustainability: ensuring that your feedstock is fully compliant with regulatory and support schemes.
  • Creating a circular economy: maximising the mutual value across your supply partners and the local economy.
  • Optimising digestate: turning your cost centre into a profit centre by unlocking the full potential of digestate options.
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  • Obtaining the most suitable and best blends of feedstocks for your facility.
  • Working across agricultural, food by-product, local authority and industrial waste streams to find the most cost-effective feedstock.
  • Identifying high value treatments and outlets for your digestate.
  • Providing the necessary contracts for funding and ongoing supplier relations.

Day-to-Day Running

  • Advising you on best practice stock management, storage and logistics to drive out wastage and unnecessary cost.
  • Unlocking the value of your digestate by designing and delivering added value processes for your AD facility.
  • Guiding you and your suppliers to compliance within support scheme and regulatory requirements.

Suppliers and Partnerships

  • Helping you and your supply partners embrace opportunities within your circular economy, enabling you to fulfil the financial and environmental potential of your local economy.
  • Providing guidance on best practice management for feedstock suppliers, including environmental management, health and safety and carbon footprint.
  • Strengthening communication with your suppliers to deliver consistent and sustainable feedstock.
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