Are you investigating innovative ways to hit your carbon reduction or Net Zero targets? Do you want to take full advantage of your waste and by-product opportunities? Perhaps you want to know about the requirements to make your AD concept happen? Could you do with some support driving your project through development?

By assessing your project’s feasibility and reviewing your needs, we can answer these questions and more. We can also map out the best way forward for you. This includes providing you access to numerous finance providers who fund and refinance renewable energy projects.

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  • Highlight the key deliverables, risks and milestones involved with your project to provide a tailored suite of solutions.
  • Identify the returns that can be expected from the project in the form of a written and financial business case.
  • Maximise your project’s potential by identifying the right combination of technology.
  • Coordinate and deliver any early phase work that is required to turn your project into reality (including planning, supply arrangements, sourcing technology and construction quotes).
  • Prepare your project plan for best presentation to the funding market.


  • Identify potential funders that are most suited to your project.
  • Make the necessary introductions, or manage the relationships for you.
  • Meet due diligence requirements to get your project through financial close.
  • Manage your project’s cash requirements throughout the pre- and post-financial close period.
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