Our background

We’re an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facility located in South Molton, Devon. Opened in 2015, our plant seeks to work in harmony with local agriculture and the surrounding communities. We process energy crops, agricultural waste and animal manures to produce biogas which is used to generate renewable electricity or gas. This renewable energy is injected into the gas and electricity grid from the plant, which is 1km from the town.

This plant utilises chicken manure and sustainable crops supplied by local farmers as its primary feedstock. Using high quality AD technology, the feedstock is broken down to produce biogas and digestate.

The digestate is high in nutrients and is a good replacement for artificial fertilisers. This is used on the land that supplies crops to the AD plant and greatly helps the farmers to reduce their greenhouse gasses and carbon footprint.

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How we are helping power South Molton’s homes
and businesses
with renewable energy

Condate Biogas injects both green gas and electricity into the grid that directly serves South Molton and the surrounding villages. The plant currently produces enough gas to heat 2,389 homes and enough electricity to power 934 homes. South Molton has 2,171 homes, so we can confidently say that we supply the entire town and local villages with green gas. Condate Biogas also supplies over 40% of the electricity needed for all homes in South Molton. 
But, we can do more and are currently seeking to implement some efficiency changes which will increase green gas production to 3,047 homes and electricity to 1,570 homes. This will enable us to provide gas to a wider community around South Molton and meet over 70% of the electrical needs of the town. 


Total number of houses in South Molton


Number of houses powered by our green gas


Number of houses powered by our green electricity

The Circular Economy

Anaerobic digestion works best when it incorporates and supports the local community, economy and businesses. We call this interaction our Circular Economy. This enables us to provide sustainable solutions that supports local businesses and powers our communities.

For farmers

We have a strong relationship with the agricultural community in our local area and farmers are paid fair prices for their feedstock.

Plus, our high-quality fertiliser replaces artificial fertilisers derived from fossil fuels, driving down the overall agricultural carbon footprint and reducing greenhouse gases.

For businesses

We convert waste from food manufacturers into renewable energy, so they don’t have to use environmentally damaging disposal.

This site provides jobs onsite and within South Molton’s wider community (including feedstock production management, fertiliser management and maintenance services).

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For community

We supply renewable gas and electric directly to local homes across North Devon.

We’re in the process of building local lagoons, back tracks and pipelines to minimise tractor and tanker traffic in George Nympton and South Molton.

We are proud supporters of our local community

Anaerobic digestion has the ability to strengthen and support local communities, through providing energy, investing in the community, providing local jobs, and educating all generations. At Condate Biogas, we strive to support the South Molton community in as many ways as we can.

Condate sponsor England
rugby player

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Local feedstock farmers
support the NHS

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Condate’s sponsorship
makes front page

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Our local community


James and John Govier, Great Hele Farm

“The last five or six years have been very challenging for the beef and sheep farming sector. AD has provided a great opportunity for farmers to diversify their businesses. We can certainly see the benefit that Condate Biogas has brought to agricultural businesses in the area, ourselves included, by allowing them to diversify and by providing supporting farms with a consistent income. By supplying Condate Biogas, we are decoupled from the cyclical nature of agricultural commodity prices which at least takes some of the stress away from farming! We are also delighted to be able to support a business like Condate Biogas that is playing a big role in moving South Molton along the road towards being Net Zero.”

“Condate Biogas and AD has been a great support to us and has underpinned our business since we started working with them. My herd was affected by TB which severely restricted my trading opportunities as a livestock farmer and jeopardized my business. Supplying feedstock to Condate Biogas for the AD plant has supported our business through this difficult time allowing us to diversify and giving us certainty while at the same time allowing us to play our part in the battle against climate change.”

Ivan Sing, feedstock provider from Buthay Farm (and parent of Emma Sing, the England rugby player sponsored by Condate)

Emma Sing, Red Roses England rugby player (sponsored by Condate Biogas)

“When I found out that I was making it into the England team I wanted to be able to find a local sponsor – this was really important to me. I have grown up playing rugby locally so it seemed fitting to find a local company and I am so pleased Condate Biogas has lent their support to me at such an important time in my rugby career. It’s really great to be sponsored by Condate Biogas and it’s nice to have the support of the local community.” Read the rest of our interview with Emma here.

“Back in early 2020 we were in unknown territory with the outbreak of Covid. We have a number of relatives who work in the NHS, as does our agronomist, so we were all well aware of the strain the health service was under at the time. As some of our fields are very prominent, our Agronomist suggested to us using our equipment to flag our collective support for the NHS which we thought was a great idea. We set up the GPS on our machinery on the Sunday morning and then cut the pattern in the field on the Monday morning. It is fair to say, we were blown away by the amount of positive feedback we received! We wanted to raise awareness of the work the NHS was doing for us all and it seems we succeeded – Thank you #NHS!

James and John Govier, Great Hele Farm

Darren Stockley, Condate Biogas

“We are hugely grateful for the support from the farming and agriculture community. Working alongside local businesses enable us to power communities with green energy and provide jobs. We feel proud to be part of North Devon’s journey towards net zero, and powering the entire town of South Molton with renewable energy is a huge achievement.”

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