“The benefits of procuring for a large AD plant means there’s consistency and continuity.”

-Nick Bragg, Farmer

How long have you been working with Ixora?

“I’ve been working with Ixora since 2015 managing all of the feedstock and digestate. I am also responsible for procurement as well as a supplier in my own right.”

How important is this working relationship to you and your business?

“The relationship with Ixora is very important for my business. The benefits of procuring for a large AD plant means there’s consistency and continuity, which helps bring an element of calm – anyone running a business knows that volatility can create chaos, meaning the steadiness of the relationship is very much appreciated.

What makes things so enjoyable is that there’s excellent communication, and trust has been built over time on both sides. The benefits of a long-term relationship means that we have built dialogue and an understanding which makes the working relationship an enjoyable one.”

What are the benefits of working with Ixora?

“Working with Ixora enables us to have a versatile crop rotation – we are able to incorporate grass into the rotation which helps to rest some of the land.

We have absolute clarity of knowing when we put crops in the ground, the price we are going to get for them at harvest – this isn’t always the case in traditional agriculture.”

How important is the digestate?

“The digestate is taken from the AD plant and used by all of the suppliers on their respective land. This creates a circular economy as this is being used on the land that is producing the feedstock for the AD plant.

But, over and above that we also supply other arable land that’s in need of upgrading as it helps to improve soil structure.

Overall, all of the farms supplied can see the benefit of the product. The rapid response of the digestate compared with ‘regular’ fertiliser is great to witness and hear about from the farmers – sometimes this is a surprise to them but when they see it on their own crops and the improvements, they are fully converted!

This is really rewarding also from a carbon footprint point of view as the farmers are not importing fertilisers, they’re using the digestate created just a few miles away!”

Are there wider benefits, other than those mentioned to you and your business?

“I would definitely say that all of our staff on our site take great pride and produce the best crop they possibly can as we know that this will in turn, influence the capabilities of the AD plant.”

What would you say to any farmers considering working with ENGIE?

“I would recommend working with Ixora as the relationship has brought about consistency and this has allowed us to grow and expand. It’s created a scenario where we are able to consider our business in a totally different way than had we remained in traditional commercial agriculture.”

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