“It means we’ve been able to totally transform our business model – whereas before we were subjected to volatile contracts, working with Ixora has created far more stability.”

-Alun Sing

How long have you been working with Ixora?

“We’ve been working with Ixora for around 10 years and have been supplying crops since 2015.  We built a digestate store in 2018 and a silage clamp with a weighbridge in 2021. Both enable us to provide additional storage for Ixora, with the clamp providing storage for our crops as well as crops from other growers.”

How important is this working relationship to you and your business?

“Working with Ixora has had a significant impact on our business – it has really changed the dynamics of what we do and how we have operated for the last decade – it’s brought so many positives, we’re very happy we made the leap.

It means we’ve been able to totally transform our business model – whereas before we were subjected to contracts that had more volatility, working with Ixora has created business stability.

We have doubled the size of our farming area and the contracting side of our business has grown alongside this.”

What are the benefits of working with Ixora?

“Continuity, continuity, continuity! Cash flow is king and with Ixora, we are able to calculate how many tonnes we should be able to grow for them and this in turn is then broken down into monthly instalment payments. This means regular payments which, for any business, is reassuring and provides a good foundation to build from – I know each and every month I have a reliable and regular flow of cash coming into the business.

Another benefit has been that we are surrounded by a professional, environmentally conscious company dedicated to exemplary health and safety. We have regular training with their nominated and qualified personnel, and it means we have been able to take what we have learnt to all areas of our business. This has been a very welcome advantage to the relationship.”

How important is the digestate?

“For crop growing, digestate is the best fertiliser you could ever have….it really is that good!”

What would you say to any farmers considering working with Ixora?

“From a cash flow point of view, it’s fantastic…you know what you’re going to get, it’s all there in black and white meaning you know what you’re working with – so if you’re looking for regular, reliable income, then this is a great option for farmers.”

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