Delivering Successful AD

  • Downing is a London-based investment company who were seeking to deliver a portfolio of renewable energy projects across the UK.
  • A key aspect of this investment involved identifying a team who could deliver several AD projects simultaneously.
  • These projects were at the concept stage and required taking from design into full operation.
  • Downing’s plant now consistently runs at the designed 1,000m3/hour biogas output with an availability of 98%.
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Barbers Farmhouse

Cutting Food Miles and Reaching Net Zero: AD Benefits for Food Production

  • Barber’s needed a consistent outlet to ensure production of cheese can be maintained (they were previously having to send lactose many miles away).
  • Ixora’s sites are local to Barber’s factory, considerably reducing their food miles.
  • Barber’s lactose has generated enough green gas to heat over 1,300 UK homes.
  • This green gas has saved over 2,400 tonnes of CO2 in the past year alone.
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Turning Apples into Energy

  • With their usual outlet for apple products affected by Covid, C&C Group plc decided to use them for energy.
  • The surplus apples have already produced enough biomethane to supply over 300 homes with renewable gas for the next 12 months.
  • We are also seeing the bio-fertiliser from these apple products displacing fossil fuel fertiliser, allowing local farmers to grow potatoes, wheat, and vegetables across an area that’s the same size as 200 football pitches.
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Gorst Energy Switches to Green D+

  • To achieve Gorst Energy Ltd’s drive towards Net Zero, we partnered with Green Biofuels.
  • Gorst Energy is heating 4,600 of Exeter’s homes with gas and power.
  • The sit is also powering 2,300 of Exeter’s homes with electricity.
  • The client retained their current machine and simply switched to a green fuel.
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