AD is a complex business and even the most well-designed and operated plants have areas where improvements can be made.

Our support across all aspects of AD can help you maximise your existing AD facilities for sustained profitability, as well as:

Generating quick wins and long-term gain
Resolving planning, structural and engineering issues
Improving your circular economy and environmental practices
Refining feedstock management and trading partnerships

With years of experience operating across multiple AD facilities, we are familiar with all the issues that many plants and owners face. This has enabled us to develop a comprehensive offering that works to improve all aspects of your business.

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Key areas we focus on when developing your roadmap to profit:


  • Overall process review and quick win identification
  • Expert process management skills
  • Staff management, recruitment and training
  • Digester health (our online biology predictor means you always know your biology will be optimised, two months in advance)
  • Refined feedstock management and trading partnerships
  • Ensure regulatory compliance is delivered to optimise your cashflow


  • Manage feedstock supply and digestate offtake contracts
  • Increase revenue opportunities by applying our expert understanding of the energy trading market
  • Improve communication between operators, funders and owner


  • Enable production ramp up and optimisation up by addressing planning, structural, and contractual issues
  • Equipment reviews and retrofit using best in class construction partners
  • Tried and tested equipment combinations, generating more gas output from less input
  • Maximise availability through maintenance contracts and regimes
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Our process is entirely collaborative and transparent.

We start each project by speaking with you before creating a tailored action plan that is focused solely on turning your business around.

We then assign a dedicated team to work alongside you throughout the action plan’s activation. Where appropriate, this will include arming you and your team with the skills to continue your success beyond our project.

Alternatively, we can take over your entire project from inception to completion, allowing you time to focus on other work.

We also offer the option of applying specific areas of our expertise, for instance if you just want us to manage your relationship with Ofgem.

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