The amount of support we can provide in the operation and management of your AD facility is driven entirely by your needs.

We offer a full range of services, from working alongside your staff to guide and train them, through to a complete outsource of operations. If you are looking to implement a new project, we will form an operations team for you that delivers best in class AD standards.

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Your bespoke package can be tailored from the following service areas:

Plant Management

  • Quickly understanding your operational and technological processes and identifying improvements; we have done the trial work so that you don’t have to.
  • Optimising biology from your feedstocks to bring quick wins to your project (our experts are currently managing the biology of over 100 AD plants, so we have seen and solved every biology problem imaginable).
  • Ensuring success is delivered and repeated through application of proven Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Setting, managing and achieving specific operational KPI targets to ensure your financial success.
  • Maximising plant availability by implementing proactive maintenance regimes.


  • Applying our management structure generates the best results possible from your existing on-site teams.
  • Providing high calibre operational staff who can deliver excellent results.
  • Assisting with recruitment to develop an experienced and motivated team.
  • Ensuring your team stays one step ahead with a tailored training programme.


  • Working alongside you and your team to make sure we jointly achieve the results you require.
  • Creating, agreeing and delivering targeted improvement programmes based upon your requirements.
  • Ongoing feedback and communication between you and us to monitor and record your progress.
  • Generating KPIs via our online platform provides you with 24/7 access to real-time results.
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Delivering Successful AD


Ixora provided a full management service including engagement with key stakeholders such as feedstock suppliers, the EA and health & safety executive, local residents, councils and Ofgem. There is a strong local site management team and operators that are fully responsible for the day-to-day activities of the site. This team is supplemented by Ixora’s support services.

Downing’s plant now consistently tuns at the designed 1,000m3/hour biogas output with an availability of 98%. We are continuing to work with new feedstock suppliers and the local planning authority to explore ways in which new food by-products can be introduced to the facility.

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