Whether you’re looking to boost your existing AD facility’s performance, or you are a company that’s looking to deliver a new facility, we can design and implement the technology that is right for you.

We have taken 11 plants from concept, through construction and into operation. During this process, we have worked with many technology, construction and commissioning companies, enabling us to identify the ones that deliver the highest quality services. Due to continued success, we now work in partnership with these companies to offer these benefits to our customers.

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Stage One: Design and Review

  • With all new AD projects, we identify the best proven technology combinations to tailor the facility to your needs.
  • Our team of partners has experience working with over 100 AD plants, so we can quickly identify any gaps in your process.
  • To underpin the requirements of your project funder, we only work with partners that are robust companies with demonstrable strength and experience.
  • We can undertake detailed design work for your new and existing facilities, including gas and electricity connections.

Stage Two: Construction

  • To guarantee the performance of technologies, our construction partners provide EPC wraps for their work.
  • Ready-made construction contracts can be tailored to your needs.
  • Experienced project management for the construction period that delivers to time and budget.
  • We can showcase many operational facilities that are delivering the highest results; our Biogest facilities set the gold standard for the AD industry.

Stage Three: Commissioning

  • Reviewing the final details to ensure your facility works as designed.
  • Making sure that the correct documentation is recorded for your future reference.
  • Providing essential training and ensuring that the handover to operations runs smoothly so you can hit the ground running.
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Our Projects

Avocet Renewables

Barnhan Broom, Norfolk

  • Technology provided by Biogest Energie
  • One combined heat and power (CHP) engine which generates 500 kWh
  • Renewable electricity to power 1,200 homes
  • The plant runs on manure from cattle and turkeys combined with crops

Condate Biogas

South Molton, Devon

  • Two 500 kWh CHP engines
  • Renewable gas production of 600m3 per hour
  • Produces enough renewable electricity for 2,300 homes and gas for 4,600 homes
  • Utilises chicken manure and crops

Gorst Energy

Exeter, Devon

  • Two 500 kWh CHP engines
  • Produces 600m3 of renewable biogas per hour
  • Renewable electricity for 2,300 homes and gas for 4,600 homes
  • Utilises pig manure as its primary feedstock
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