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We offer a full range of services to existing operators who want to improve their financial return, or to companies who want to enter the AD market.

The team have many years of experience in this sector, and have been fully involved in the development of the industry.

2010 – Members of the team identify AD technology as an opportunity to add “green value” to residues from the food and agricultural industry. They gain an understanding of technology and working practices from continental Europe.

2013 – Funding partners are identified, planning permission is gained and contracts are exchanged that enable the start of construction and major roll out of AD facilities.

2015 – Construction is now in full flow across many sites. These sites are taken through the commissioning process and locked into the energy networks before commencing operations.

2017 – The team come together under the Ixora Energy brand and the company is formed with the objective to optimise operations for AD plants.

2019 – We started achieving industry-leading availability on our managed facilities and reviewing innovative technology to deliver greater returns.

2020 – Our company moves into the Irish market, providing experienced management services to one of the largest facilities in the country. In recognition of our success, various partnership agreements were developed with other industry-leading companies to broaden our offering.

2021 onwards – Ixora relaunch their brand with the focus on “making AD work for you”. With others recognising our achievements, we are now set up to share the benefit of our skills and experience. Whether you are an organisation in need of AD to hit your Net Zero goals, or you need to turnaround existing AD operations, we can help make AD work for you.

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