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Ixora Energy Ltd is a company of ENGIE, a global leader in low-carbon energy supply and services, with a purpose to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy through reduced consumption and environmentally friendly solutions. Together, we empower communities, businesses and individuals to embrace sustainable practices and reduce their carbon footprint. With 96,000 employees worldwide, ENGIE is also committed to inclusiveness and diversity, where everyone can forge their own career path, improve on their skills, and continually enhance their expertise. We work in a caring, flexible, and secure environment that encourages personal and professional development.

Ixora currently operates several anaerobic digestion (AD) plants across the South West, supplying green energy to local homes and businesses. We have been closely involved in the development of the industry, supporting exciting research projects and championing innovation.

2010 – Members of the team identify AD technology as an opportunity to add “green value” to residues from the food and agricultural industry. They gain an understanding of technology and working practices from continental Europe.

2013 – Funding partners are identified, planning permission is gained and contracts are exchanged that enable the start of construction and major roll out of AD facilities.

2015 – Construction is now in full flow across many sites. These sites are taken through the commissioning process and locked into the energy networks before commencing operations.

2017 – The team come together under the Ixora Energy brand and the company is formed with the objective to optimise operations for AD plants.

2019 – We started achieving industry-leading availability on our managed facilities and reviewing innovative technology to deliver greater returns.

2020 – Our company moves into the Irish market, providing experienced management services to one of the largest facilities in the country. In recognition of our success, various partnership agreements were developed with other industry-leading companies to broaden our offering.

2021 – We begin to share the benefit of our expertise and experience, launching consultancy services for businesses looking to set up new AD facilities, as well as existing AD turnaround.

2022 – Ixora work in partnership with universities, researchers, local authorities, and businesses to explore the untapped potential of AD. Recent initiatives include hydrogen production, smart grids, district heating networks, and shellfish farming. We look forward to developing these ideas into full-scale trials throughout 2023.

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